Vacation Homes – How to Make Them Look Outstanding

In case you are having vacation home and you are wondering about its decoration, here are few tips on how to do it following the recent design trends. The vacation home style usually differs from the style of your home. Therefore, use your imagination and creativity, in order to make a beautiful retreat out of your vacation home.

The recent trend is all about luxury vacation homes, but you don’t need to spend a fortune over the décor. Choose bold and bright colors that are very modern, but yet unusual. A bright green can be perfect for your living room, for it refreshes the atmosphere and adds an illusion for spacious interior.

green living room

Paint the kitchen in bright yellow; it creates a contrast between the walls and the furniture. Creating a contrast is the secret behind a beautiful designed décor.

Think out of the frame and go for artistic design and furniture. In case you want to insert more luxury, do it through the accessories. An expensive large painting can open the entire interior in the living room. Don’t forget that statues are an important part of any classy interior. Go for bronze or golden statues, for they are lavish and eccentric.

home statues

The furniture also matters. Don’t purchase furniture just because they are modern. Go for functional and practical furniture with ergonomic design. After all, a vacation home should provide more comfort for resting and having fun. In case you want to add some vintage atmosphere, go for double colored fabrics.

living room

The printed fabrics are also popular, but only when they are combined with the right furniture. Avoid long curtains for your vacation home; go for short one, for they are allowing more light in the room.

If you love the eco fabrics, then purchase eco-friendly rugs or carpets. These are made out of sisal or sea grass and last longer than the common rugs or carpets. Purchase a slipcover; it is a good idea to refresh the old chairs and coaches, not to mention that a slipcover is more practical, for it will protect the furniture from damage.

home furnishing

Add some luxury in your bath and eliminate the clogs. Purchase showers with massaging shower heads and add some marble bathroom cabinets. If you are having a bathtub, place a vintage table near it. Don’t forget to add an outdoor shower, especially if your vacation home is near the beach.


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