Home Decoration Trends for Spring 2011

The world may still be fighting the cold winter but it is now time to start looking forward to the new spring trends in home décor. One need not go too far for inspiration as the just concluded New York Fashion Week gives one plenty of ideas that can be easily translated into home décor.

home decoration - printsPrints are in and how? Prints are the rage right now and you can very easily make them a part of the home. Choose from printed curtains, upholstery, carpets, wall treatments and whatever else you may fancy. Go the whole way with prints all around you or use prints as highlights to bring in more color and interest in your décor. The colors range from light pastels to bright pinks and oranges to citrines, pick your favorite.

It might come as a surprise but the season also sports trends that are diametrically opposite to each other: Whites and bolds. You can opt for the elegant white look where white and its shades are the predominant colors. White kitchens in particular look lovely. At the same time you have people opting for bold colors splashed across their furniture and even walls. White brings in peace and bold colors bring in vitality and energy. Choose your look or may be you would like to combine the two!

Some other trends that can help you give the home a brighter and more spring(y) look would be the use of vintage wall paper with prints and metallic hints or even retro designs. The 70’s are in. Vintage style laces, crotchet detailing on pillows and doilies and lots of tassels are all in trend this spring!

Pajama dressing is also the in thing this season. Drapes in fluid silks or mysterious sheers add so much elegance to the bedroom or even the gazebo. Soft colors like blue add to the fluid look.

bedroom decorationHere is an eclectic amalgamation of most of the trends this season. A bed in pristine white offset by a strong pastel green wall, with printed pillows and cushions thrown on it looks pretty. The bed cover in a bold floral pattern is matched well with the bold paneling on the bed side. The floral prints are contrasted beautifully against the green stripes of the bedspread. The cherry on the cake is no doubt taken by the oversized buttons on the wall just above the headrest.


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