10 Ways to Create Thanksgiving Centerpieces Effortlessly

Thanksgiving is a time of the year when we look forward to sharing that special meal with our loved ones.

In this context the dining table gains considerable attention and becomes the centre of attraction.

While preparing gourmet food with utmost attention to garnishing is top priority, so is the decoration of the dining table with an attractive centerpiece.

Here are 10 ways you can create a thanksgiving centerpiece without much effort:

Thanksgiving Centerpieces Effortlessly

1. Go by Contrast

While setting up a centre piece, you can go for contrasting colors and styles. For instance, pair magenta cockscombs with green chartreuse mums. Slip them into a bark container to give the contrast of a rich arrangement in a rustic style.

2. Keep it Casual

Every thanksgiving centerpiece need not be formal. Display fall produce and foliage in attractive vases that make them look elegant.

3. Throw Some Sparkle

You can use some bling in your thanksgiving centerpiece. Do not throw away your leftover Halloween pumpkins. Paint them in silver, copper or gold and embellish them with rhinestones or ribbons. Alternately you could wrap them in metallic leaf and decorate them accordingly.

4. Flowerless

If flower arrangements are not your cup of tea, then you could go for plumage of the fall. Decorate a glass hurricane with alternating layers of nuts and moss and top it with pheasant feathers.

5. Metal Centric

A copper pot or brass urns form perfect centre pieces for displaying flowers of the fall. Pick from white roses, carnations or lilies to complement the metallic hues of the container.

6. Timeless Traditions

Traditional flower vases with timeless flower arrangements are the easiest choice for those who simply refuse to experiment. One can stick to time tested flower arrangements comprising of roses and ranunculus interspersed with fall foliage to give the feel of flowers blooming on the branches.

7. Candles & Nuts

If you are hard pressed for time and know not how to fix the table in a jiffy, the friendly candles come to your rescue.  Use neutral shades of pillar candles and scatter pods, nuts and pine cones from your garden. Keep the rest of the table subdued to highlight the neutral shades of the fall on your table.

8. Around the Table

If your table is big and craves for filling up its space, then go for a low central glass piece. Fill it with crab apples and berries. Place small but elevated vases with peach colored rosebuds around the central piece. This spreads the table and makes it look anything but bare.

9. Bright Flowers

If you want to at amp to your centerpiece, then choose a big sized vase and go in for a bunch of large flower such as sunflowers, dahlias or colchicums. It is recommended that you stick to one flower variety for the arrangement and set up the rest of the table on that color and style.

10. Urn Central

A low elongated urn can add an interesting twist to your thanksgiving centerpiece decor. Fill the urn with artistic use of fruits of the fall, seeded eucalyptus, hydrangea and twig balls. And do not forget to add in the mini pumpkins and plums to complete the rustic look.


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