How to Child Proof Your Home

Safety of our loved ones, especially children is the top priority of any family.

Here are a few simple but essential ways you could make your home safe for your kids.

How to Child Proof Your Home

1. Smoke Detectors

This is one safety device that a home cannot do without. It is highly sensitive and detects even the slightest traces of smoke inside the house. Install ones which also detect carbon-monoxide as part of the system. Make sure to keep a schedule of battery change to avoid goof ups.

2. Safety Locks

Safety locks and latches are very useful to keep children away from cabinets storing household cleaners, tools and medicines. They are the easiest to install and do not require an expert.

3. Safety Gates

These gates are designed to keep your children away from places that pose danger to children.  Entrance to stairways, swimming pools and even kitchen are areas those that need to be restricted for kids.

4. Door Knob Locks

These are essential to keep children away from spaces which are hazardous, especially the doorway leading to swimming pools. Choose one that you can operate easily.

5. Corner Guards

Edges of counters, shelves and tables are a potential hazard to growing toddlers. They often do not have so much control and end up bumping into anything that comes their way. And if it happens to be sharp edged furniture, then the injuries can be grave. The best solution is warp all corners and edges with foam, mattress cloth or just buy a set of corner guards available at the local hardware store.

6. Window Guards

These are safety netting and screens placed in open places such as balconies where the risk of a child falling off is very high. Make sure that these are made of strong material before you purchase and install them.

7. Anti-Scald Devices

Installing devices to regulate showerheads and faucets can help avoid accidents due to burns. This is a common cause of scalding among many children.  Also it is wise to set the temperature of the water heater below 120°F, so that even if the child gets access, the water is not hot enough to cause a burn.

8. Outlet Covers

Electrical sockets, especially those that are not in use are a potential hazard to toddlers. Children at this age curious and tend to plug their fingers into every nook and corner that they gain access to. So the first thing to do is buy these outlet covers and then block the open sockets. Also install only those sockets which come with pre-fitted socket covers that shut close when not in use.

Remember that safety is the only road to preventing accidents. Use of simple child-safety devices is a way of averting many household accidents among children.


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