10 Ideas to Decorate Powder Rooms

Powder rooms are essentially basic wash rooms meant for use by guests.

But you can make them interesting by putting your decorative skills to good use.

Here are 10 powder room decorating ideas to inspire you.

 Decorate Powder Rooms

Wall Paper

If you want to make an impact with minimal use of resources then go for a striking wall paper and accessorize minimally. This will make the room special and interesting.

Window Blind

Another minimal expense feature is the use of a theme window blind. If it is a feminine powder room then use an opaque blind to go with the theme. Keep the rest of the room as is and see how dramatic it gets.


If utility is your main purpose while decorating the powder room then choose space saving fittings. A basin fitted with a towel rail or a showpiece which doubles up as a place to keep your jewelry are some of the things which will provide décor and utility to the room.


If you want to give a glamorous look to the room then choose a metallic wall paper with floral patterns on it. Use of a contemporary vanity will make it elegant and lend opulence to the décor.


Use of standard colors such as white or black for the walls and pair it with a wall-to-wall mirror to make a small powder room look big. Choose contrasting colors for fittings and go for wall mounted fixtures.


Use of wall murals is a good idea for making a fun-filled powder room. Add a quirky accessory to it to give an eclectic edge to the whole décor.


You could go for an unfinished wall. Expose the bricks on one of the walls and go for an all metal vanity to give a rustic look to the powder room. You could add accessories that enhance the look, like a vase with dry twigs or dried garden produce.

Bright and Peppy

If you want a fresh new look for your powder room then go for a printed wall paper. Bright prints on a white background will not only look great, it will also reflect more light into these rooms which are meant to be small and compact.

Vintage Look

Use dull colors such as grey and cream and a big mirror in the centre of the wall, flanked by scones or pendant lights. The vintage-inspired look will add a lot of character to this small space.

Dramatic Lighting

Use focus lights as the centre point of your powder room. Anyone entering this room will definitely find their mood changing.


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