How to Increase the Value of Your House

Caring for your home is as important as owning it. Expenses for home and its maintenance account for a larger portion of our resources. This cost can be reduced by learning how to minimize expenditure and maximize on comfort and building up real estate value.

So here are a few tips on how you can care for your home for maximum value.

Making the Right Choice

Caring for your home begins with choosing the right one. The house you are looking to buy will ideally have good construction, good fittings and located in a good neighborhood. Real estate prices tend to pick up only in good neighborhoods, where crime rate is least and the general maintenance is good.

Home Insurance

After you have zeroed in on the house and made your purchase, the immediate next step is to get it insured. This is a very important step because the right home insurance will protect you against any liability or damage caused due to acts of humans, fury of nature or accidents by oversight.

Aviva is one such insurance provider which offers a wide range of discounts, benefits and additional covers for the price of a home insurance. The home insurance package by Aviva also comes with mortgage protection and lets you customize your insurance plan. This way you can tailor your premium based on your needs.

Regular maintenance

Maintenance and proper care of the house and its contents are very important to safeguard the value of the property. This can be done by going for an annual maintenance package with a house keeping service. Though this might seem like an extra expense, it will regularize the caring routine and also prevent hefty bills due to emergencies due to break down of some essential part of house such as the plumbing or electrical systems.

Safeguard your house

Equip your home with safety appliances such as burglar alarms and fire alarms. Did you know that doing so not only keeps your house from burglars and fire disasters, it also helps reduce the premium on your home insurance? Other instruments which will safeguard your house are installation of motion sensitive flood lights, deadbolt locks on exterior doors and having locks on all windows.

Equipped with these simple tips you can now care for your home better and enjoy its benefits.


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