Decorate Your Garden with Water Features

Gardens are the extensions of a home. Just as you decorate your interiors and add interesting features to it, so can you to your gardens.

The most common garden décor items included are bird feeders, garden lighting, stones and gnomes, bird baths and so on.

Among other things many gardens also include a water feature. Here are some ways you can decorate your garden with water features:

Decorate Your Garden with Water Features

Large Gardens

If you have a large garden as part of your home, then you must be indulging in some amount of landscaping. Carving a space out to include a water feature would add interest and variety to the landscape.

Constructing artificial ponds, waterfalls and streams are some of the water body ideas for a large garden. A pond could be either a reflective pond or one that supports water-borne plants such as water lilies.

The soothing sounds of flowing water are a welcome break to the serenity of a large garden.

Small Gardens

If you fancy maintenance- friendly small gardens, the idea of a water feature need not be stashed away. A visit to the garden supplies store will give you endless ideas on how to include a water body even in a modest garden.

A large urn filled with water can serve as a simple water feature in a small garden. You could either add fresh flowers collected from the garden or grow small water lilies in them.

Another option is to include mini fountains or waterfalls that can be moved from one place to the other from time to time.

If installing fountains and waterfalls seems like a bother, then adding a simple bird bath will be just as fine. In addition to having a water body, you can attract tiny visitors who will keep you company.


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