Make Your Rooms Brighter And Attractive With Proper Interior Lighting!

Interior lightingInterior lighting should be given a high priority when designing and decorating the home.

There are many different ways to light your interior, including natural daylight, solar powered lights, decorative lights, and many more.

Interior lighting using natural light is an art to light up the interior spaces [Home lighting].

Among all the above, the natural daylight is one of the essential elements to consider while planning the interior lighting. This is because the natural daylight gives freshness to the room.

Designing the interior lighting in terms of daylight can be very easy and simple.

It is a great idea to allow a long south wall of windows in most areas and place the main living areas in the south side direction to benefit the most of direct solar glow during the wintertime.

However, in the summer, use sufficient deep, fixed projections to block the heat gain that enters the room. This still allows the light to enter the room through windows indirectly.

Allowing the daylight in the room can make the area beautiful and relaxed. Daylight can be increased in the room by having windows, skylights, translucent doors, etc. Falling sunrays in the early morning is always pleasant to start your day.

No other light sources are as bright as sunlight, so plan your room with more windows and doors to take advantage of daylight with a little bit effort. Windows are the main source to allow more daylight in the room. Roof mounted transparent panels also allows more daylight into the rooms. Make use of utmost daylight as possible as you can through proper interior lighting.

Since each direction of light falling in the room has its own specialty, it is essential to do the appropriate changes in the room with proper selection and design of the colors to the room.

  • If the sunlight falls from the north direction, it often provides cool atmosphere and only in the midsummer, direct light in the room can be seen.
  • In southern direction, the light is warm and sunny.
  • From the eastern direction, the light is sunny, but gets muted in the midday.
  • Western light focuses afternoon and evening sun.

It is a well-known fact that daylight wakes you up with a refreshing energy and keeps you alert all the time. Also, you might be known that sunlight is a good source of vitamin D and fights with seasonal disorders.

The major benefit of using natural light as interior lighting in the room is, it does not alter the character or shade of the room color as it does with the artificial lighting. By using the natural daylight, you can feel as if you are more connected to the nature.

Too much sunlight in the room may make it hot and extremely bright. So, prefer using sun screens attached to the transparent glass to have a cooling effect. You can control the effects of glare by controlling the sun reflections with the help of light shelves or wide windowsills. Even sheer fabrics help filter the light that let into the room.


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