Moroccan Bedroom Summer Decor Ideas

A Moroccan-themed bedroom is often thought for the lavish and the luxurious, but it’s possible for you to add the theme to your own bedroom without going over your budget. It has a very relaxed and lounging feel that makes it the perfect theme for your bedroom this summer.

There are a variety of colors that you can use in variations to bring out the Moroccan in your bedroom and add some items that spread around the rich and luxurious feel.

moroccan bedroom summer decor ideas

Here are some Ideas you can Consider when going for this Theme:


Platform beds are basically ones that are set a little above the regular flooring via a platform. The mattress go directly at the top of this platform which gives a very casual yet elegant look to your bedroom as the bed gets a higher altar of its own.

Try to get bedding and bedcovers that are themed around such shades as purple and gold, or turquoise and gold as they add a royal element.

If you want to have a television across from your bed, you can get a modern wall unit with a Henna Finish from to go along with the theme.

Remember to match your drawers with your TV stand and bed frame for optimal style!

Walls and Ceilings

If you want to transform your bedroom into a desert tent that screams lavish as soon you or anyone else enters it, drape fabrics that are jewel toned over the walls but make sure they’re covered loose.

You can also add a basic four poster structure and some sheer, flow-ey curtains to make this section extra significant.

You can also make interesting shadows over the space of the room by placing a metal lantern at the ceiling.


If rugs have to be there, it’s recommended that you go for Persian imitation rugs. You can select two sizes: a small one and a large one. Place the large one over the floor and the small one over the bed. There are options to further enhance the look such as rolling the rug over a broom stick and stapling it.


One of the key features of a Moroccan theme is intricate tilework. If you won’t be placing rugs on 100% of the floor, you can utilize Moroccan themed tiling called Zillij that are used to form geometric prints to add an exotic appeal to the remaining part of the floor. It’s also possible to do this to the entire floor and still add rugs.

Intricately Designed Lighting

Lighting is an essential ingredient in setting the mood of a room. There are all sorts of designs available for you to choose from so you can get what’s appropriate for the theme. If you have a large, spacious room, go for a full chandelier that is very detailed in its design.

Try to select different material, for instance, something with a wooden effect and floral carvings, or perhaps something metallic with some detailed etchings and curvature. For smaller bedrooms, replace your normal lighting for lamps which have similar detailed patterns or hanging lights that have been given much attention to detail.

Moroccan is one of the most wanted themes for summer bedroom décor. Now you can easily add this theme to your own bedroom by following the ideas mentioned above. Feel free to find more accessories for that extra touch such as lamps, knick knacks and cushions. What are some tips you have for Moroccan themed bedrooms?

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