Luxury Beds from Bonaldo

In case you aren’t on a tight budget regarding the bed that you will get for your bedroom, you should take a look at the luxury beds from Bonaldo. The Italian manufacturer offers intriguing designs for the people who wish to have something unique in their bedroom and who are willing to pay a high price for it.

Luxury Beds from Bonaldo

The Bonaldo luxury beds on a pedestal

One of the most interesting designs that you will find from the manufacturer is the white bed that seems to be standing on a pedestal. It comes with a really simple design, but it has a major advantage: you can be sure that you won’t hit your toe in the case of the bed.

Get it surrounded

If you are interested in the Bonaldo beds of luxury, think about the beds that are surrounded by puffy sides. These beds look really interesting and you won’t need a nightstand or a separate headboard. You can use the headboard part to display different kinds of accessories.

Simple and white

Usually white adds a feel of luxury to the room, so it is no wonder that many luxury beds from Bonaldo come in white. In this case we are referring to a bed with a simple design and low, black legs. This one also comes with a more traditional looking headboard.

Get higher

When it comes to the beds of luxury from Bonaldo think about the beds that come with higher legs. These may turn out to be more practical because you will have some storage space under the bed. Another advantage of the bed is that it has clean lines.

No legs

In order to keep the luxurious look of the luxury beds from Bonaldo you might choose the beds that don’t have legs at all. This way the space in the room won’t be divided by the lines of the bed and you will achieve a more minimalist approach.

Round shapes

Usually the luxurious beds from Bonaldo come with square shapes. However, you can also find some designs that have rounded edges. These are more suitable for the bedrooms that have a warm and welcoming feel to them.

There are a lot of different designs for the luxury beds from Bonaldo and you can be sure that if you have a specific design in mind, you can also have your bed custom made; in fact, you can have anything you want.


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