Give a Masculine Touch to Your Bachelor Pad

The bachelor apartment is surely an apartment that differs a lot from a family flat. It requires a certain style and you can achieve this masculine look thanks to the right accessory and details. In case you want to decorate your apartment and turn it into a bachelor oasis, here are a few tips that may help you.

painting homeThe first step is to prepare the flat for a complete change. Start with repainting your home.

The experts recommend the light palette. Don’t go for dark colors, because they make the area look smaller.

Light colors on the other hand are the perfect way to create an illusion for more space.

A bachelor apartment is an apartment of more space, so try the neutral palette, which is good for this type of decoration.

The acrylic paints are easy to apply and they are the perfect choice. The walls and their decorations are also extremely important.

The photos on the wall are a good choice for bachelor apartments. Recently the tendency goes for vintage photos, which are also stylish and impressive. Of course, as any man you probably also have your favorite athletes.

vintage wall paintings

You can add some posters of them on the wall or a poster of your favorite comics hero as a child. Those inexpensive prints are very good for any bachelor pad, so don’t hesitate to use them. Paintings are also a good idea, but they are not so common for a bachelor place. In case you are an artist, place your own art on the walls.

A bachelor apartment is spectacular because of its furniture. This is different from any other flat, being solid, comfortable and sometimes even too simple.

bachelor furniture

There are already collections of bachelor furniture on the market, so you can find the right furniture for your flat. In case you are a traditionalist, go for a large comfortable sofa in the living room and place the TV nearby, so you can enjoy your sports games there.

The storage space is an important issue for any bachelor flat. Maximize the storage space and install some shelving’s and cabinets, where it is needed.

storage space

The bachelor closet is also important. It should be simple and well organized. Some retailers like IKEA and WalMart are offering great closet organizers, which may help you design your closet.

Of course when it comes to a bachelor pad, it is also about right lighting. Add some modern lighting and create a masculine ambience at home.


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