5 Romantic Bedroom Décor Ideas

Canopies, headboards and wall treatments are all part of a bedroom décor.

This festive season bring more romance into your bedroom with our romantic bedroom décor ideas.

Chocolate and Cream

1. Chocolate and Cream

A head board is the first and best place to start when redoing your bedroom décor. An ornate design on the rim and the rest of it upholstered is a perfect recipe for an Italian style headboard. Coloring the rim with chocolate shade of wood paint will make the headboard look elegant. The upholstery will take care of the romantic part. Go for a flowery print with chocolate, red and pink colors to go with the rim. Match it with soft shades for the walls and the linen and watch your bedroom turn into a fairy tale bedroom in a jiffy.

2. Feminine Bedrooms

If being the lady of the house describes you best and you like feminism spilling over in your interiors as well, then go all out for a feminine bedroom design. Soft shades of white, peach, baby pink will do the trick for you. Go for brown accents and flowing fabric. Pick furniture with curves and silhouettes to gel with the theme Or grab any of these spectacular wall graphics to add a feminine touch to the room in a number of different colors and styles.

3. Dressed Like Ice Cream

Another simple way of making your bedroom look romantic is by choosing soft ice-cream shades for the wall. Butterscotch on the walls, strawberry pink on the vases, multicolored throws and chocolate colored furniture will make it a cool bedroom fit for a couple. A hint of gold on accessories such as handles and lampshades will look like jewels on the crown.

4. Floral Theme

Flowers are an extension of romantic moods and what better way to decorate your bedroom than a floral theme. A floral design bedroom can be easily achieved. All you need to do is bring in upholstery and accessories with flowers in them. A vase with fresh flowers such as a tulip bouquet and a floral print cushions and throws will do the needful.

5. Pillar to Post

Use of colonial elements in the master bedroom is a trademark of vintage romance. Use of heavy rosewood furniture such as a canopy bed, frames and side tables will bring in Victorian style of love to your bedroom. Accent them with pastel shades of upholstery, accents and flowers to complete the look. Make sure to use only classic styles of linen to avoid a mismatch. Though this design might seem like an expensive affair, it can be retained as is as this classic style will never go out of vogue.


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