Bedroom Feature Walls Ideas

If you are looking for bedroom feature walls ideas you should know that there is a lot you could be thinking about. The most important aspect to take into consideration is the overall style of the room. However, if you want to shock people, you may go for something unexpected as well.

Bedroom Feature Walls Ideas

Plate collection

As one of the ideas you can hang some plates on the wall. Naturally you should be looking for the more special plates, such as those that have a letter on them. Make sure that all the plates follow the same color theme.

Go retro

For sure you know that retro is the new hot regarding the bedroom ideas for feature walls. For instance you may consider the wallpapers that feature a man and a woman, hugging. These will remind you of the old movies that you may have seen.


When it comes to the bedroom feature walls ideas, you can also think about shelves as decorations. Add numerous shelves to the wall arranged to follow a given pattern. These are supposed to be small and you should add to all of them similar items, such as candles.


It is possible that you don’t want something elaborate regarding the tips for bedroom feature walls. In this case you should simply add two stripes to the wall. Make sure that these bring some contrast to the room. For example, if you have dark green walls, the stripes should be white.


In case you are interested in the bedroom feature walls ideas, keep in mind that you can create wall art using old, colorful posters. These will add a splash of color, especially to the monochromatic rooms. However, make sure that the room won’t become too colorful.

Old postcards

To make the best of this one of the bedroom tips for feature walls, you should use old postcards and stick them to the wall. To enhance the effect you may want to also add a miniature sailing boat in front of the postcards, to further underline the feeling.

It is important for the bedroom feature walls ideas to be suitable for your personality and for the personality of the room, not to mention the overall style of the house. Keep in mind that you need some consistency around your home to make it look like a whole.


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