Sliding Wardrobes: The Perfect Way to De-Clutter

With work, family and social lives busier than ever, keeping your home tidy and clutter-free these days is almost impossible. Clothes get thrown on the floor, shoes are discarded wherever you sit and toiletries end up anywhere from the living room to the bathroom.

If you’re looking for a solution to your clutter problems, have a think about sliding wardrobes. As an efficient and easy to fit solution, they could be just what your home is looking for.

Great for small spaces

Small spaces can often be the worst for clutter as there’s simply nowhere to put anything. If you’re pushed for floor space, a fitted sliding wardrobe could be perfect.

Have it installed along the entire length of your wall for maximum capacity, giving you plenty of useful storage space. You can then simply sit back and watch all of your clothes, shoes and miscellaneous objects disappear inside.

Sliding versus swinging

You may think that there’s not much difference between swinging and sliding doors and when they’re closed up, aesthetically, there isn’t. However, your experience of a swinging or sliding wardrobe door’s functionality will be very different.

Space wise, sliding doors are much better for small rooms and awkward areas. The fact that they don’t swing open means they don’t take up as much space and generally look tidier as a result as well.

Because the doors slide instead of swing, sliding wardrobes give you the freedom to install storage units where previously it would have been impractical to do so. This gives you extra flexibility and even more hiding places for your clutter.

Display away

As you can slide each door independently, sliding wardrobe doors give you the option to open all, none or some of the doors at any one time. This means that you can also use your wardrobe as a display area by installing shelves in different sections and then arranging the doors to reveal or hide each area.

Display your books, family photos, shoes or vintage clothes, and then simply pull the door across whenever you want a more minimalist look. Most good suppliers will help you create a design that suits your needs so you can personalise your sliding wardrobes and make them work for you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about sliding wardrobe options and how they can provide the perfect solutions for your household clutter, visit the Betta Living website for access to fantastic ideas and designs.


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