5 Quick and Easy Tips to Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

If there is one room in the house where you can implement lifestyle changes that will make a positive difference to the environment it’s the bathroom.

The bathroom is a place where large quantities of water are used regularly and often that water is also heated. You don’t have to go shower-less or make huge changes in your life to help the environment though.

Here are five quick and easy tips to make your bathroom eco-friendly, when put up with the right bathroom accessories. 

One – Water Aerator

When you add a water aerator to your taps you reduce the water flow significantly and that means saving water and energy if the water you’re using is heated. Water aerators are extremely cheap yet create a lovely flow of water that does the job of reducing your water usage: simple as that.

Two – Dual Flush

Toilets use a great deal of water but with dual flush operation it’s easy to save on water. With one single long flush option every flush could be using up to 11 liters of water.

With a dual flush toilet, the short flush option consumes as little as 3 liters and the long flush option up to 6 liters depending on the individual toilet. If you’re still using a single flush toilet why not install a new dual flush option today and make your bathroom eco-friendly.

Three – Water Saving Shower Heads

Showering is responsible for a large percentage of the total water usage in most homes and herein lies the opportunity to save large amounts of water as well as save on energy expended to heat the water. Simply by fitting a water saving shower head you could significantly reduce the amount of water you’re using per minute in the shower.

In some countries there are rebates provided to those who fit water saving shower heads so be sure to follow up your entitlements to save money on the device as well as your water and energy bills going forward.

Four – Solar Hot Water

Heating water uses a lot of energy so why not install a solar hot water system and start using the sun’s energy instead. Solar systems are comparable in price to most ordinary systems and in some countries you can receive a rebate on the cost of the system. You can shave a lot off your power bills by using solar energy and that of course in turn helps the environment.

Five – Stop Leaks

If your taps, shower head or toilet constantly drip then it’s time to fix them once and for all. Every drip does really add up and is a terrible waste of water. New washers are oftentimes all that is needed to fix an annoying tap leak. Don’t stop at the bathroom though, check your kitchen and laundry taps too.Sensor Based Urinals is one of the best innovation in the modern day world to save water.

These are just a few of the many quick and easy ways you can create a more eco-friendly bathroom. Get started today and tomorrow you’ll feel proud that you’re doing your bit for the planet and your daily bathing will be all the more enjoyable for it.


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