The Pros and Cons of Compact Bathrooms

Big or small, the bathroom is one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in the home and so it’s essential that the room is highly functional.

Although a compact bathroom might at first thought seem to have little to no redeeming features compared to a larger bathroom, you might be surprised to hear that it’s not all bad: consider the following pros and cons of compact bathrooms and make up your own mind.


Let’s begin with the cons before moving onto the surprising list of pros. The number one con of a compact bathroom is of course the lack of space to move around in.

Feeling crammed in any room is never that enjoyable but a small bathroom can be particularly unenjoyable if there isn’t room to even swing a towel around your back.

With less space there is less opportunity to install huge luxurious baths, extra large double basin vanity units or massive showers, which can mean the look and feel of the room is not quite as grand as it could be.

When there is little room for two in a compact bathroom the morning routine can become quite stressful for those people sharing one-bathroom homes.

Whilst one individual uses the room the other is left waiting for it to be freed up, which can often lead to unproductive arguments. You would probably agree this not the ideal way to begin the day.

Another con of smaller bathrooms is that they’re more prone to mould build up due to the steam in the room filling the space quickly. Hot, wet environments are the perfect breeding ground for mould and small bathrooms can have walls dripping in minutes if serious ventilation is not hard at work.


Surprisingly, there are quite a number of good points about compact bathrooms, namely that they are easier to clean and when something is easy to clean it often does get cleaned on a regular basis. Large jobs on the other hand can easily get put off because the time they will take seems too overwhelming.

So whipping around cleaning a small bathroom will take a fraction of the time of a larger room and that leaves you with extra time to spend on more enjoyable things.

Another pro about compact bathrooms is that they require less energy to heat, saving you money on your energy bills and helping save the environment at the same time.

On the subject of money, when it comes time to renovate your compact bathroom you will discover that the project will be quite affordable simply due to the fact there is less square footage to have to cover. So your small bathroom will be able to be renovated at a fraction of the cost of its larger cousins and therefore is likely to be kept updated more often, giving you a lovely modern bathing experience ongoing.

Lastly, where there is plumbing there are costs. Not only are less pipes required for a small bathroom, there is quite plainly less pipes to spring leaks in the future and that means less maintenance and associated costs and who would say not to cost savings.

Compact bathrooms are very common these days and thanks to many leading bathroom supplies stores you will find a huge array of bathroom furniture designed specifically to make the most of the space you do have available.

Even compact whirlpool baths that deliver extraordinary relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits can be fitted into the smallest of bathrooms. All in all, whether your bathroom is compact or the extremely large, both can be made to feel warm and inviting.


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