Modern Design to Spice up Your Bathroom This Year

In case you would like to have some change around the house, sometimes it is enough to have a makeover of the bathroom to feel like your home is brand new.

If you decide to do so, you should know that there are some trends you could follow this year.

Add Colours To Your Bathroom

Freestanding bath

When thinking about modern designs, you should consider having a freestanding bath. This way the bath will get into the center of attention and the bathroom would get a different personality. Have tiles from the floor to the ceiling, and as a surprising element, have some spots around the bath.

Add some colors

Believe it or not, you could have your bathroom in your bedroom. This is a trendy approach that you may like. Naturally there is need for some privacy, and for this you could opt for a colorful screen, such as red.    In order to complete the look, add a side table besides the bath and don’t forget about the flowers either.

Make a statement

Usually people are looking for a wow factor for their bathroom. If this is the case, you should be looking for lighting around the bath in the shape of spheres, and also make sure that the other items don’t look the way we are used to them either. As an example you could be thinking about a statement towel stand.


You could turn an ordinary bathroom into a glamorous one if you add some shimmering mosaic tiles. Besides this, also add a statement chair in a bold color, and in order to make sure that the place gets personalized, you could also add some colorful flowers to bring the feeling of nature inside.


If you’re not really into colors, you could have a white bath and a white sink with dark brown floor and furniture, but make sure that there is a hint of red on the walls.

Also it is a good idea to have some chrome accessories to make the room look elegant. To make sure that the bathroom won’t have an edgy look, go for the curved lines.


White and Vivid Green Combination

In order to ensure that you will have a feeling of freshness in the morning when you go to the bathroom, you should choose the white and vivid green combination. The angular lines could make the room look even more interesting, and in this case try to avoid the curvy lines.

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