The Classic Home Library Look is More Fitting Than Ever Before

When was the last time you bought an actual book made of paper? Chances are it’s been awhile. Printed books are set to go the way of the vinyl record: always in existence on a small scale to make a few remaining devotees happy, but mostly unseen and unsold.

This may seem like bad news for folks looking to design a home library to shelve their collections. But on the contrary, it gives such folks strong reasoning for preferring a more classic look. It makes sense from a style point-of-view as well as from a statement perspective.

Bold wall colors and dark wood are synonymous with the look of a classic home library. While various professional interior designers will argue over what makes Amish furniture unique for such a setup, the bottom line is that a classic home library must have a uniform wood selection and identical staining.

classic home libraryThe common approach when designing a classic home library as far as the walls are concerned is to stick with a solid bold color such as forest green or maroon. However, one can inject a little bit of kick into the walls by opting for textured wallpaper that doesn’t vary far from a singular bold hue. Stripes of alternating shades are a good fit especially if they lead to crown moldings.

The look of a classic library is effective in a world where books are fading away for the following reason: books are not modern. A contemporary design wherein books are the central focal point derives from the former without doing much for the latter. This is especially the case considering the minimalism of today’s use of walls as storage space.

Dark wood shelving and furniture complete with bold paint or wallpaper is, however, detrimental to a home library experience without adequate lighting. Opt for natural sources for such a space – large windows facing either east or west – or even a skylight. Otherwise, focus on scattering light sources across the room in the form of floor and table lamps situated near chairs and desks.

If you’re looking to create a home library, then you need to accept the fact that books are quickly becoming an archaic form of data containment. Integrate their classic status into your design, which will invariably lead you to the classic home library look. Add in some subtle tweaks, and you’re sure to put together a reading room worth leaving your iPad for.


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