Bathroom Tile Trends to Try for 2011

In case you would like to be in trend from every possible point of view, there might be a lot more to be taken into consideration than you might think. It’s not just about clothing, hairstyle, cars and houses anymore. Trends are set in some of the smallest details as well, such as the bathroom tiles.

This year came with something quite unexpected, and some of the most popular items used, include copper, glass, stainless steel and hardwood.

So, let’s look at them one by one.

Bathroom Tile Trends 2011

The glass accent tile is one of the most fashionable items in the hip bathrooms. This kind of tiling might be used for backsplashes, floors and shower walls and the advantage of it is that it adds depth, luminescence and also sparkle to the bathroom that could not be offered by traditional ceramic or natural tiling.

There are numerous different kinds of colors to choose from and also many different kinds of finishes that vary between glossy and flat. In case only a small portion of a wall is covered by it, it offers an interesting highlight, while if you decide to use the tiling on the whole wall, it adds a spa-like atmosphere to the entire room.

There is one kind of style that is suitable for both traditional and modern styled bathrooms, and this is the metal tile. Although at first the entire idea seems a little weird, the small metal wall tiles look a lot better than the large sheets of stainless copper. It is easier to create different patterns with the little tiles.

Usually this kind of tiling is used as backsplash. In case of stainless steel there are several different kinds of finishes, such as satin and brushed. If you have a bathroom with a more traditional style, it might be wise to opt for bronze or copper tiles.

According to the majority of the professionals, there is no place for wood in a bathroom because of the moisture. This is why one of the hip things regarding the bathroom tiles is the faux hardwood porcelain tile.

The planks come in different sizes and it is a lot easier to take care of these tiles than of wood. Since porcelain is resistant against moisture, it is just perfect for this purpose.

The manufacturers of different kinds of materials for the bathroom seem to have outdone themselves and they came up with something truly original. Now you have the possibility to replace the wood casing of the windows with a casing made of tile.

According to professionals the best solution is to opt for natural stone or ceramic border to add some depth to the look. In order to create a look of the bathroom that is truly a whole, you should use a kind of tiling that has already been used to the room, to offer coherence.

As you might see, the latest trends regarding tiling in the bathroom all focus on creating something new and unseen until now.


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