Kids Bookshelves – From Cute to Practical

The most popular devices used to teach organizing skills for your children are the bookshelves. Choosing your kid’s bookcase or bookshelves is not hard, because it’s only a place where they can deposit their study materials or books.

However, you can motivate your child to read more by purchasing or making a fun and attractive bookshelf or bookcase. Therefore, your kid’s bookshelves can reflect his or her personality. The design of the bookcase can be combined with the theme of your children’s bedroom, or it can be an eye-catcher element that adds more fun and color to the room.

Kids Bookshelves

It is good to help your child to organize the books by color or type, like mystery, fantasy or study material. Because every kid is different (one likes TV and videogames, others likes sports or dolls), it is important to know what your kids want, so you can put a smile on their faces. Forward, we will present you 8 ideas of children bookshelves.


Because most girls like Barbie dolls, why not make them a Barbie bookshelf. You can apply magazine clippings or other images and drawings of your daughter’s favorite doll, to create her dream bookshelf. For a better look, display several dolls on the shelf, because they accentuate the theme. If they are collectibles, put them in shadow boxes.


If your son likes sports, think about his favorite sport and start making the bookshelf. If he likes baseball, paint the shelf in the colors of his favorite team along with the trademark. For making him even happier with his bookshelf, add some baseball hats or balls. Do the same for basketball, football or any other sport.


A more inviting theme for the bookshelves is an animal one. Apply animal print wallpaper and place different stuffed animals. If your child likes dogs, for example, you can even put a stuffed bone. Another idea is applying furry wallpaper on the bookshelves, for a cute look.


You can give your kid the feeling of relaxation by making a tropical bookshelf, adding palm trees, different plants and colorful books. On the wall that is behind the shelf, you can add a poster with your child’s favorite location.


Every little girl wants to be a princess or a movie star, so let her feel like one in her own room. Use several mirrors and framed art of their favorite princess character or celebrity. You can give it a fashionable look by placing cosmetic boxes, jewelry or hooks that look like nails.


Putting your kid’s awards on their bookshelf may inspire them. So make room for all their medals, ribbons and trophies, arranging them from the smallest to the tallest, or leave the placement to your kid.


If your child is older, try to motivate her or him by placing several pictures, mascots, logos or anything that is related to her or his favorite college.


A movie theme is also a good idea. Decorate your child’s bookshelf with action figures, dolls, photos, posters, books or other collectible items related to their favorite movie.


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