How to Choose a Bathtub

Are you looking to buy a new bathtub for your new Rancho Santa Fe real estate home? Or perhaps replace an old one? Let’s take a look at four important factors you need to consider before buying one.


Space matters

If there is going to be one major roadblock in your choice for a new bathtub, it has to be the amount of space that you currently have in your bathroom. If you are fortunate enough to have lots of space, you can go for a clawfoot tub or a freestanding tub. You can turn these into your bathroom’s focal point. If your space is not that much, you can go for a simple corner bathtub.

Your wants and needs

As a homeowner, you should always consider what you want and need. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom experience, a true soaking tub maybe the tub that you are looking for. Are you searching for more accessibility? Or are you aiming for a walk-in tub?

The choices are limitless. And they all depend on what you want and need. If you need more comfort while wasting time in the bath, then a molded tub should be a good choice. If you are looking for a tub for your master bathroom, you may want to consider something that is separate from your shower.

Moreover, you should consider how deep you want to be in the water. There are the Japanese, Greek, and Roman-style tubs that offer deep soaking. Of course, there are other features and add-ons to consider. You can purchase bathroom seats and jets or warming jets to keep you warm for hours. The key is to list down what you want and identify your non-negotiables.

Mind your style

You also need to consider your taste in style. With the many different bathtub designs and varieties, there is a tendency for you to get confused. Hence, you need to familiarize yourself with these designs and styles. Some tubs feature wood rectangles while others offer a sleep porcelain finish. Whatever your choice is, always consider the style that suits you best.

Your budget

Last but not least, you still need to consider your budget. Don’t be distraught if you are on a tight budget. Always remember that you will still find a bathtub that fits not only your budget but also your needs, at the very least.

Now it may not be the bathtub that you want, but it should be able to cover the essentials that will give you a decent experience in the tub. If you are in the market looking for Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale contact a trusted real estate agent.



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