Tips To Organize And Declutter Your Home – Part 1

Having a clutter free and well organized home is not just good to look at, it also helps to reduce stress and save time that you would spend looking for things. So here are some useful tips you can incorporate to declutter and organize your home better:

  • If the task seems rather daunting to begin with, start with just one room. Work it one room at a time; if you do manage to reduce clutter in one room it will act as inspiration to do the other rooms as well. And you don’t have to do all of the rooms in one day, a room a day is good to be going on with!
  • Segregate items in each room as you start the organization process: get several large bags and segregate the stuff that you are not currently using: you can throw away things, give them away (think friends, relative or charities), sell them, store some of them for use later, or actually start using or displaying some of them to good advantage! Make that every item is sorted in this manner.
  • After the sorting is done, the throw away pile can go immediately. Then set targets in terms of things to sell and give away. You may find that you took all the trouble to sort things but that they are still lying around.

Photo Credit: newyork808


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