Passionate About Decorating? Try Your Hands On A River House

When given a free hand with a basic guideline about needs, you can trust a good designer to come up with something really unique and at the same time practical. This river house is the perfect example of the marriage between design and practical needs.

This young couple wanted a house that could harbour their sail boat during the week and be their home during the weekends. Designer Gabriel Grinspum has come up with the perfect solution in a small packaging. The house built in an area of 60 sqm, sure doesn’t need too much of space.

This lovely house is a mix of modernity and simplicity. Made from pre-fabricated wood panels and one solid whitewashed box, it is a great space for the modern man who wants to go back to nature. This sophisticated design meets the modern demands of being green too.

Once the sail boat is out on the pier, the house can be used as a great deck space, the perfect place to relax with drinks and most desirable company. The “muxarabi” windows slide open to give a fabulous view of the river, making the evenings even more memorable after a tiring day on the river.

Source:  Momoy


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