Wardrobe Vs Dressing Room

wardrobeFollowing the cliché people commonly hear saying, “you are what you wear”, individuals judge and are being judged by other people reported to what clothes they wear.

This became a factor that causes most people to be very conscious of the clothes they buy.

Truly the fashion style defines the person in you. So, in order to be properly guided, there are millions of books and magazines of all sorts helping individuals in reinventing a new person within them, with the same attitude, only a little bit more fashionable.

All these amazing and fashionable clothes need some type of storage where they can be kept. Your very own wardrobe, which is commonly a standing closet located next to your wall where clothes and the likes are neatly kept, can be a place of wonder or one of horror.

Another place where you can keep your clothing is the dressing room, a wardrobe of a bigger size providing a more spacious storage that you can walk through and take a pick on several boxes and drawers for the outfit you need to wear on a certain occasion.

It can also serve as a changing room, because a portion of it is reserved for that purpose. Not only the clothes are being stored in your dressing room, but also ironing board, vacuum cleaner and anything you use daily can find a place there.

If you have a large space where a dressing room can be built then certainly is a good idea going for it. The advantages of having a dressing room is that you can get all your stuff placed in one room and the days of tiring search for lost things will be over.

A typical dressing room includes a number of shelves for undergarments and shoes, drawers, hooks, trousers’ hangers, tie brackets, a closet for winter clothes, special boxes for jewelry and enough space for a large mirror.

On the other hand, a wardrobe is smaller than a dressing room. It is ideal for those who are living in condos or apartments. A space-saving closet can require from the owner a very creative way of organizing things.

It takes a little technique in arranging all things together because fewer drawers and boxes are available and you can also include a multipurpose basket where you can keep your bags, pouches and other stuff that is frequently used.

Those things that you seldom use can be placed in deeper drawers while those casual clothes should be placed within your reach to avoid clutters.

The bottom line is that a well-organized closet will be great whether it is big or small.


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