Refacing Your Kitchen for Perfect Home Decoration

If you have been contemplating remodeling your kitchen, give an extra thought to refacing it. Refacing a kitchen not only proves to be much more economical but is also a much faster and less harassing job.

Generally a kitchen remodeling job can cost anywhere between $25,000 and $30000, whereas a refacing job can be done for $3000-$9000 depending on the amount of work required.

Kitchen Decoration

In some cases refacing can turn out to be a wiser decision than remodeling, as a kitchen built a couple of decades ago was thought to be a lot sturdier than the modern modular kitchens of today.

Refacing would include fitting new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, toe kicks and covering any exposed frames with matching finish. It usually takes about 2-4 days to complete the job with 2-4 workmen working on it.

The work includes replacing any hardware or fittings that may be required. One can choose from plastic laminates, wood veneers or rigid thermofoils.

Plastic laminates are available in a wide range of designs and colors whereas RTF, though more flexible, are available in limited options. Wood veneers have been a popular choice over ages and bring in a rich touch that is not easy to match.

Refacing service providers can be easily found in the yellow pages and there are many firms that provide their services across the country, as they have offices in various locations.

Refacing Your Kitchen

Along refacing, there are small projects that you can undertake to give your kitchen a fresh new feel. If the kitchen has wooden or metal cabinets through out, you can pick a couple of them and replace the cabinet door with frosted glass panels to break the monotony. The frosted glass will also keep the clutter hidden away from prying eyes.

Cabinet doors can also be replaced with colorful curtains to bring in softness and cheer in to the kitchen. Other options would include stained glasses that add a touch of class to the kitchen and you can opt for custom made stain glasses to give your kitchen a special feel.

Another favorite would be the use of photographs. Choose your favorite photographs and enlarge them to fit the cabinet door of your choice. Print them in sepia or black and white.

Fix the photographs unto mats of appropriate size and then replace cabinet panels with these matted photographs to bring in a personal look.


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