Go Green and Bring Life to Home Decoration

Green is a beautiful color full of life and vitality. It is a cool color and brings with it calm and peace. It is also the color of the season, with spring and St Patrick’s Day around the corner.

Green is the color of nature all around us and it only makes sense to bring this life giving color into our homes. Green in its various shades and tints can be used in every room of the house either as the primary color or as highlights to bring in more color to the room.

Home DecorationOne could choose green as the theme of one’s home décor and play around with it in its various avatars to bring Mother Nature closer to home.

Its calming effects can be used in various forms across the home.

Beautiful pastel shades of green can be used as the primary color in your color scheme or can be splashed across every feature of the room.

Solids in the form of furniture, cushions or other fittings can easily be used along with green as the major color for wall papers or curtains. Be careful to choose the right shade of green.

The darker shades of green can be used but be careful when thinking about large spaces.

The above picture shows a brilliant use of the darker shades of green. It has been used only on the walls and adds an exotic touch to the otherwise “sedated” dining room.

Home Decoration

Nate Berkus has designed Brian Atwood’s apartment in Milan with this brilliant Martinique wall paper from Hinson. The particular wall paper was an iconic signature at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Green can be used in the kitchen and bathroom too. Green trims and even bold strokes of green in wall papers, cabinets and fixtures are a good idea. Green is a soothing color and you can hardly go wrong with it.


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