Smart Tips to Adorn a Small Living Room

Restricted spaces and small flats or homes often have a small living room as compared to sprawling penthouses and bungalows. However, that does not mean you cannot decorate or adorn your “small” living room. With the right ways of designing and decorating, you can extend your style and utility of the living pace; if your living room has a fireplace or coffered ceiling; try to make the most of it with decorative items and pieces.

A chandelier, artwork on the wall, or elegant upholstery – all comes together to make a small living room look spacious and aesthetic; of course the choice of the elements should be perfect.

tips to adorn a small living roomEmphasize on Height

It’s a universally known fact that vertical lines give an impression of increased height and if you can use this theory for your small living room as well, you will be able to bring a heightened and widened look of the room. Use ceiling decors, get hanging and long window curtains with vertical prints, create a collage of photographs in a pattern that reaches the ceiling, and there are many more ideas to give a small room a “tall” look.

Smart and Compact Furniture Placement

When the room isn’t too big; you have to be very careful about furniture placing. Snug rooms tend to get cozy and when the room is already small, do not let it get clumsier with crowd; sectional sofas are bad ideas in this case, rather go for a love seat and two chairs or a three seater sofa and two chairs. Look for furniture sets that has straight lines; armless slipper chairs would also serve great.

Keep Storage in Mind

When you are planning the decor of your living room, you just cannot leave out certain things that need to stay in that room essentially. Like if you are a music lover, the records and CDs need a place to be stored; similarly for book lovers you need a book rack. Plan a wall for the essential storage. You can create the pattern of shelves in straight lines to get the maximum space and then layer the backdrop cabinet with a front table or two seater sofa, keeping enough gaps between the wall to wall cabinet and sofa. Such backdrops are both treat to the eyes and also very useful.

Keep it Well Co-Ordinated

In some houses, the living room serves as an entry lounge to dining space or home offices. In such cases, make sure that the colour palette matches with the overall tones of the house. Try to keep it pastel or neutral since lighter shades makes the room appear bigger. Keep the upholstery contrasting to the wall hues and make sure it is well continued in the adjoining room. For instance, the living room should not be all flowery if the leading room if your home office and has a corporate feel.

The art of decorating a small room is simple – do not overcrowd it, keep the show minimalistic yet bold. Carpets can be used in parts separating the zones like one for the sitting area and the other for the bookshelf. Do not buy too big decorative items that stand out with the smaller pieces of the room. With the help of these tips and a little groundwork you can easily adorn a small living room in a lavish way.


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