A Sink Out Of Recycled Material Is The New Eco-Friendly Trend

eco-friendly-sink1We are living times when originality is hard to obtain and when we obtain it, the costs are greater than the actual level of originality.

This day is a real trend to be “eco-friendly”. Can we really be eco-friendly and in the same time can we have something original in our home?

It looks like there is a solution, at least brilliant and is not hiding under the sink… it is actually the sink itself.

Although it can raise some question marks, the sink made out of recycled material is in many ways a unique piece of art. Every sink is hand hammered, like the ancient Japanese Katana is unique to the last millimeter.

Being made out of copper has its advantages. With time will naturally become vintage, so there is no need for expensive complicated and maybe toxic solutions for cleaning it, mild soap, water and a sponge are sufficient.

eco-friendly-sink2Unlike stainless steel, copper has a natural property that doesn’t allow bacteria to survive on its surface.

So there is no need to worry anymore, even dangerous bacteria like E-coli will not survive more than a few hours (while on stainless steel it can survive for several weeks).

Needless to say that every detail in our houses is crucial, the kitchen must not be left out of style.

Being creative is natural, dozens of tastes can look in dozens of ways but originality obtained from recycled, hand hammered copper sink is simply outstanding.

So in terms of interior design, the sink comes in many shapes and is easy to integrate in any kitchen, from restaurants to bars or at home.

Using the right chromatics for the kitchen’s furniture, harmonized with the sink’s natural, antique and tempered finish, anyone can obtain one unique antique style, being in the same time eco-friendly and trendy.

Source : nativetrails


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