Dining Room Lighting That Will Please Guests And Family 

One of the defining features of a dining room can be the dining room lighting.

Depending on the type of dining room presence you want, you will either draw guests in for a meal, or discourage them from eating at your home again.

There are several factors in your dining room lighting that can even affect the overall mood of the people who eat in your dining room.

Most people like the dining room to be a happy location, one where the change of ideas is shared equally over the dining room table.

To make this happen, you will want bright dining room lighting that inspires bright moods and emotions.

Light that is too Bright

On the other hand, if the dining room lighting is too bright your guests and family will feel uncomfortable.  Nobody likes to feel that they are under a spotlight and feel being interrogated while eating their meal.

Therefore, your questions may seem more harshly directed at individuals if the presence of the room is hostile because the dining room lighting is too severe.  Thus, you want to make sure you keep a balance in your dining room lighting.

Lighting to set the mood

If you look at restaurants, you will see this, family restaurants tend to use bright fluorescent lighting while more romantic restaurants choose dimmer softer lights to enhance the mood.

Many people choose to overlook fluorescent lighting in their own dining room lighting, and instead choose to use halogen light bulbs so that they can have dimmers in the dining room.

Dimmer dining room lighting is actually a great idea because you can change the light to suit each mood.  In fact, some people enjoy dimming the lights near the end of a meal when their stomachs are full because it reminds them of the close of the night and helps them feel more satisfied when they vacate the area for the night.

Options other than overhead lighting

Sometimes if dimmers are not the solution to your dining room lighting, you might choose to place a lamp near the corner that can brighten the room during a family gathering and/or highlight any dining room display cabinets you have.

However, you will want to use this idea with caution, because traditionally most dining room lighting is sourced above the table so that it shines down on the family, instead of from the side where it may cast additional shadows throughout the dining room.


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