Design Your Bathroom Perfectly With Right Bathroom Tiles!

Bathroom TilesTiling a bathroom is a great way to increase its elegance. Selection of right tile and planning the tile arrangement are the basics of bathroom design.

It can have a fabulous impact on the look and feel of the bathroom.

No longer are the ranges of tiles limited to plain colors, square/rectangle shapes, and glossy finishes.

Now, the bathroom tiles are designed in several hundreds of styles, shapes, sizes, prints and colors. Moreover, the tile materials are not limited to ceramic.

Bathroom tiles are available in two forms: rectified and chamfered. These tiles differ in its cutting edges. The cut of rectified tiles are at right angle and chamfered tiles are at round edges.

Types Of Bathroom Designing Tiles:

The bathroom tiles are categorized based on the material and their basic characteristics.

Ceramic is the most common and widely used tile for bathroom design. These tiles are durable, hygienic and easily maintainable. These tiles come in a variety of motifs, sizes and colors. Ceramic tiles in gloss and matt finishes are available more commonly. These tiles are often used to cover the walls and basins of the bathroom. They add shine and modern feel to the bathrooms.

Ceramic and Glass-mosaics are best suited for retro-inspired interiors. These tiles can be maintained easily. These tiles come in primary as well as in secondary colors. These are very attractive and eye-catching.

Stainless Steel Mosaics are relatively new and best suited for very modern interiors. They come in all shapes other than a square. Stainless steel etched, stainless steel hairline, stainless steel mirror are the common finishes of these tiles.

Homogenous, as the name suggest it is homogeneous in nature. These tiles will have same color in its edge or thickness. These tiles are scratch-resistant, easily maintainable and are widely available in matt and polished finishes.

Granite is the toughest tile among all tiles. These tiles are long-lasting and scratch-resistant. Granite with a consistent tone is most common.

Limestone and sandstone tiles are very attractive; they are not stain-resistant and not easily maintainable. Tropical or resort-inspired interiors make use of these tiles for a beautiful look.

Enameled Porcelain is also relatively new. These tiles create a smooth, metallic shine and are rust-free.

Selection Tips For Bathroom Design Tiles:

  • Select the tiles that are appropriate, good in quality, durable and easily maintainable. Natural stone is unsuitable for the bathrooms with high moisture atmosphere. Use porcelain, ceramic tiles. They are durable and easy to install.
  • Picking tiles in different-sizes may cause troubles at the time of installation, particularly if the tiling area is very large. It can leave gaps in between the tiles and can become unattractive. Large-sized tiles are best suitable and generate an illusion of large bathrooms.
  • Prefer light-colored tiles for small bathrooms to create an illusion of huge space.
  • Pick bold and bright colors with design against plain backgrounds for a modern and soft look.


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