Make Your Own Mistletoe And Glitter Christmas Chandelier

Christmas… the shopping season is here. With plenty of things on the shopping list Christmas décor is not too far down on it.  Everyone looks for something new and different.

With plenty of new stuff in the malls, there are a few who want something which is not run off the mill. Something exclusive that will lend a personalized look their décor this season, its either very rare or very expensive.

Nothing can be more unique than something people make by themselves.

So how about a unique mistletoe and glitter Christmas chandelier?

Branches and twigs of mistletoe, pine and even cedar can be arranged in the shape of a chandelier to be hung above the feasting table.

The twigs and branches can be put together with super glue. They can then be sprayed with glitter to give that festive look. A combination of silver and golden glitter gives it a royal look indeed.

If you want it to look funny, a combination of seasonal and primary colors can be used to decorate the mistletoe chandelier.

Hand a few unique ornaments to complete its appearance.

Given the time and the inclination, hand made ornaments of different shapes, sizes and styles can make this chandelier even more unique. You can even use bead fruits, candies fruits dipped in glitter, and other Christmas baubles that can be bought in the stores.

Happy decorating this Christmas!

Source : The Decorating Diva


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