Make Your Home Your Own

January is usually the time of year where we start taking a look at our homes, and what we can do to make them more comfortable and enjoyable to be in.

It’s a combination of factors that makes us do it – Christmas is over, DIY stores across the country are holding sales and the cold weather is setting in – causing many of us go into “nesting mode”.

So what changes can you make to your house to make it a pleasant place to be while the wind howls and the nights draw in too soon?


The first thing to do is to go through everything in the home and decide what you no longer need or have room for. Put unneeded items on Gumtree, or donate them to charity – whatever will get them out of the house faster.

Find some innovative storage solutions for things like shoes and coats, which often create mess in walkways, and make sure you have a general clear out so that you have a blank canvas to work with.

Staying warm

Depending on where you live you might find it hard to keep your home feeling cosy and warm in the winter months. There are a few practical additions you can make to improve this, such as improving the windows and doors in your home to prevent draught – a set of double-glazed French doors like those offered by Safestyle UK will help lock out heat and create a more modern look.

There are other factors to consider too – large cushions, soft blankets and warm-coloured throws to wrap up in will all contribute a cosier feeling, making it easier to snuggle down and relax.

Creature comforts

There are certain things we all like in winter. Hearty stews, warm cake fresh from the oven, a tot of brandy after a walk in the cold. We also tend to miss out on a lot of things, as a result of being primarily confined indoors.

Entertainment and socializing can sometimes take a bit of a back seat so it’s important to feel that you’re not shut away in the winter. Maintain a minimalist theme across your kitchen and dining room, to make it easier to entertain friends and family at home.

You could also bring plants into your home to inject a little life into each room, making it feel more homely without compromising on style.


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