7 Festive Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Decorating your home for the festive season is something that sends us scurrying for novel ideas each year.

This year look for something easy and new to add to your festive décor without sweating out too much on it.

Here are 7 festive decoration ideas that will brighten up your home this year.

1. Red, Green and White

Red, Green and White

This is the classic combination of colors for the festival season. Keeping in line with the traditional color schemes yet subtly adding on new ways of interpreting the same is an art. If you have rustic interiors with snow white walls, then dressing your living room in these colors is a cake walk. Using red as the predominant color of the upholstery and furnishings, include green as a part of the floral décor in the form of leaves and wreaths.

2. White Tones

White Tones

Red and green are passé, go for plane white interiors will look just as fine. It renders your home calm and serene. For a hint of sparkle add some silver accents or gold embellished throws with adequate lighting in tow.  This will give your New Year glamour par excellence.

3. Go Green

 Go Green

Bring a piece of nature to your interiors by including a lot of green to the décor. Green goes well with all natural shades of furniture and also gold. Decoration pieces in gold interspersed with green will give a unique shimmer to the party scene.

4. Scandinavian Design

When you choose Scandinavian for interiors you cannot go wrong. The black and white scheme of this décor makes it easy to gel with any add-on accessories.

5. Golden Hues

Tactful use of gold will make your festive decoration sparkle in style. Gold need not always mean garish and bling. It can be in the form of matte, shimmers and linings that come as a package with contrasted colors. Pastel shades and white go well with gold accents and thus make any occasion special.

6. Shades of Blue

Blue and its cousins like purple and lilac will be the right combinations for a festive décor. Better known as symbols of Judaism, these colors can be used to do up any festive occasion tastefully. It can be used with textured patterns in the furnishings, table linen or even crockery to match.

7. Metallic Combinations

Play with the traditional metallic colors like gold and silver to create a festive mood. When illuminated, they reflect the light and make for elegant decoration ideas. From silverware to shimmering candles, you could go for anything that resembles these colors. Since they are neutral colors, they can be reused for many such occasions in the future.


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