10 Nighttime Entertaining Ideas

If you are a party animal and like to host dinners and get together at night, then the outdoors of your home is the best choice.

Decorating outdoors is a part of entertaining your guests.

So here are 10 ideas on how you can spruce up your outdoors for entertainment.

1. Unbreakable Glasses

Unbreakable Glasses

Evening is that time of the day when tripping and spilling are common happenstances. Get a set or two of trendy acrylic glasses that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. This way you can add novelty and utility to your party ware.

2. Drink Markers

Drink Markers

Get yourself a pack of drink markers that have different motifs on them to help personalize glasses. Choose from a range of motifs and designs that will add to the fun of your party.

3. Pendant Lanterns

Pendant Lanterns

Metallic pendant lanterns of the Moroccan type are the in things in outdoor decoration this season. Made from bronze alloys, these lanterns carry intricate designs which give rise to patterned lighting on the walls. Hence they are ideal when hung in and around patios. Use orange lights instead of the white for that typical wild effect.

4. Designer Candles

Designer Candles

Outdoors and lighting go hand in hand. And talking of lighting, how can we miss out on the ubiquitous candles. Scented and designer candles are the in-thing. Choose from a variety of branded and local handmade ones which are available online.

5. Stakes and Stemware

Stakes and Stemware

If having wine in the comfort of your lawn and sitting under the stars on the grass is your idea of partying with friends, then it is wise to invest in glass stakes that will hold your precious wine glasses in place and avoid spills. Also get florescent stem wear which will glow in the dark and help you see where your glass is even in your tipsy state.

6. Food Tents

 Food Tents

When the sun goes down, outdoors invite new guests into their playfield. These are called nocturnal insects. Do not let them spoil your party by feasting on your goodies. To keep them away appoint sufficiently large food tents that will keep these pests away but also let your guests know what is in store for them.

7. Throws and Blankets

Throws and Blankets

In the outdoors, weather can get quite unpredictable. To protect your guests from sudden cold drafts it is advisable to keep some blankets handy. A few throws on the seating arrangement will make the evening more comfortable for those looking to relax and unwind.

8. Unbreakable Tablewar

Unbreakable Tablewar

As with glasses, other crockery is also prone to breakages in the outdoors. Make sure you choose from disposable tableware to reusable melamine crockery for your evening parties. They will spare you the hassle of having to deal with broken glass in the semi lit surroundings.

9. Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

During the cooler months, it really makes partying outdoors a bit of a challenge. So installing a fireplace in your backyard is a good idea. It can prevent bad weather from playing party pooper on you.

10. Hanging candle holders

Hanging candle holders

From antique to homemade jam jar bottles, hanging candle holders are good accessory for your outdoor decoration. They complement the other modern forms of lighting by adding a quaint feel to the entire setup.


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