A Place Complimenting Functionality And Bright Design In The Cold Heart Of Sweden

There is one Swedish architect that definitely knows how to make an innovative and modern design.

bornstein exterior front facade

Per Bornstein is well known in Europe as one of the designers that is able to make small houses with big, really big design. This time Per designed his own house and surely made it as an impressive surprise for anyone who would love to live in a modern and simple design.

bornstein living room

Per Bornstein really needed a house that responds to his needs as a creator. So he bought a house in a Gothenburg’s former industrial area and decided to make with wood and other clean eco-materials.

bornstein dining room

The facade of his home speaks of simplicity and real personal touch to each detail. Inside the house doesn’t have anything to do with the lavish luxurious homes of most of the designers, but still it looks stylish, solid and comfortable.


Per even brought second hand products in his interior, such as the bathroom sink  and wood burning stove, found in a secondhand store.

bornstein residence extended stair

The architect wanted to leave space in the small house so he added several huge windows and wooden stairs. The dwelling doesn’t have many doors, but it surely has an exclusive spacious feeling.

bornstein residence extended exterior

The pine wood gave a sense of comfort, but still there is a feeling of transparency pervade, thanks to many windows and the glass front door.


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