A Lamp For A Lighter Perspective And More Decorative Thinking

Sometimes a single lamp could change the whole interior and ambience of a room. We all know this, but the producers of the Flowerpot Table Lamp surprise us fully with their latest creation.

flowerpot table lamp

The Danish design company is one of the best on the market when it comes to classy accessories for the home decor. This time their lamp will suddenly add more sophistication in each room.

The form of the Flowerpot is small and it is made to be table or desk light with round shape. The designer has improved the shape by adding lacquered-aluminum shade.

yellow flowerpot table lamp

The model was first released in 1969, but the makers reissued the lamp this year as they added new features and more modern look. The lamp is in pop-art style that gives intellectual touch to our ambience. It comes in different colors and it called “cult classic” for any stylish and modern interior.


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