5 Tips On Shopping For Bathroom Lights

Whether you are renovating your home or moving into a new one, lighting is a crucial aspect of home design. Most people tend to overlook it, but lighting serves very functional purposes as well as adds aesthetic details to the home’s various rooms, even the bathroom.

bathroom lightToday there are hundreds of types of bathroom lights available on the market, but choosing the right one entails planning ahead of time. Choosing the right bathroom lights also makes your bathroom much more functional and makes your tasks much easier.

When you begin your project in bathroom lights, first work out how much your budget is. No matter what style of bathroom you have, there is a multitude of choices in the market today for all styles of lamps and bulbs that come in luxury versions as well as inexpensive ones.

bathroom lights 01If you are the type of person that goes in and out of the bathroom, or the type who likes to pamper themselves and spend an hour or two in a warm bath, choosing the proper bathroom lights will make a big difference in the mood and setting as well as utility of the bathroom overall.

Once you have decided on a budget for bathroom lights, here are some tips to help you shop and decorate:

  1. First and foremost, study and maximize daylight before buying any bathroom lights. This will significantly lower your electricity costs and lighting costs. If you are still planning your new home, you may want to work it out with an architect or interior designer how you can maximize daylight in your bathroom.
  2. For the vanity area, you may want to choose bathroom lights that will allow you various levels of brightness throughout the day. For example during the day when applying makeup you will want brighter light, while at night dimmer uses will do just fine.
  3. Placing diffused wall mounted bathroom lights by your mirror can reduce the shadows produced by halogen floodlights. It will also help you take a good look at yourself when applying make-up, shaving, or cleaning your face.
  4. If you already have a bathroom design plan, this is the best time to work out the number of bathroom lights you’ll need for different areas. You may want a reading light by the toilet, recessed lights for the bathtub, vanity lights, mirrored lights, and interior recessed lights to help you find clothes more easily in your closet. Depending on the distance from one area to another, you can also choose to combine lights or use one large one to efficiently light up two spaces. For larger bathrooms, installing ceiling mounted fixtures with various shades of lights can significantly brighten up each area as you need it.
  5. Choose the right types of bathroom lights for each section of your bathroom. From vanity lights, wall scones, recessed lights, each have their own benefits. For example, the shower area works best with recessed lights so as to take up less space and light up a larger area, while vanity areas can use scone lights by the mirror.


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