6 Effective Ideas To Avoid The Difficulty In Decorating Living Room With Small Space!

living roomThe living room is the central place of the house for family gatherings, partying, entertaining and relaxing.

So, decorate the living room as a source of pleasure and relaxation.

Decorating living room can quickly change the look of the room drastically.

The problem arises when decorating small living room. The major problem that you can face with a small living room is the proper arrangement of home furniture (chairs, tables, wardrobe, bookshelves, television, and lamps). One more is the feeling of cramp that arises with the furniture occupies in an already tight space. [Feng shui for arrangement of furniture]

Easy to follow ideas to decorate your small living room into attractive and more spacious:

1. Choose the right paint: The initial decorating idea for a small living room that is essential to employ is to choose the right paint for the walls and the ceiling. Prefer ‘cool’ colors to paint the walls and ceilings of the living room [House painting tips].

Cool colors can create calm and soothing effect. The color of the ceiling should be lighter than the color of the walls.

This makes the room look more spacious. However, prefer the colors from a single color family. You can increase the beauty of the room by using same color matte and glossy paints. Use same color matte paint to paint the walls while glossy paint for titivating the walls, and trimming the windows and doors.

2. Arrange light fixtures and large mirrors: Prefer a combination of light fixtures and variety mirrors to bring in more space in the living room. A large mirror with full of lighting or a few small mirrors placed strategically can build a special look to your living room.

3. Arrangement of furniture: The arrangement of the furniture in small living room can be a bit challenging, as we expect the room to provide multitude of functions and huge number of facilities. So, rely on unusual living room decoration to make use of the best possible space of small living room.

4. Choose the right decorating theme: Pick a decorating theme by focusing on your favorite color, style or pattern. Selecting a theme for decorating living room is always a good idea to start. You can add the pictures of your favorites in the decoration of small living room to emphasize it and inviting for you. Prefer small-scale furniture to decorate your living room and one large furniture unit (optional) like sofa to be the center of your small living room.

5. Choosing the right furniture items: Too many small-scale items may develop a feeling of cramp in the room. So, just use the furniture that is extremely needed. Alternatively, if you have enough space in the room, choose a few large-scale furniture units instead of several smaller items.

6. Hang curtains: It is a good decorating idea to hang the window curtains right from the ceiling to the ground. This adds height to the room and the soft fabric adds some more classiness and formal look to the room.

Decorating the small living rooms with full-size items can make the room look larger. For more spacious look, prefer gigantic wall screens, picture frame or wall murals. This makes a huge difference to the look of your small living room.


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