Garden Design Elements for Active Youngsters

Every parent today understands the importance of having kids play out of doors and lessening their reliance on electronic gadgets, the TV, the X box, other video games and so on.

With a little bit of imagination, you can install the kind of design elements in your home or yard that will encourage your youngsters to spend more time out of doors.

Here are some ideas about how you can encourage an interest in the outdoors and also help your child imbibe more of nature and its many benefits –

A sand box

This may be an idea that you associate mainly with toddlers and preschoolers, but even older kids can have a really great time in a sand box. As a child gets older they may think of more creative ways to make structures out of sand, and the sand box may continue to delight even an older child.

The tree house

Active YoungstersThere isn’t a child in the world whose fancy wouldn’t be caught by the idea of a hideout in the trees, far from prying adults and all seeing eyes. A tree house can be really basic – the fixing of some bare boards securely among the branches with a rope ladder leading up. If the tree is easy to climb you may even want to give the ladder a miss.

Or it can be an elaborate affair with walls and a roof that could make it an all weather affair. The kind of tree house you decide on will depend upon your skills as a DIY expert and also the kind of tree it is, its age, height, strength, the spread of its branches and so on.

Play house

If you have a garden shed that isn’t being used, or a gazebo that is basically not being used, you can modify them to suit a child – this may be just the place that he or she likes to hang out with friends.

On the other hand a simple play house can be built from scratch and several DIY kits and instruction manuals will tell you how to go about it.

Climbing structures

Consider installing slides, swing sets, monkey bar or a simple climbing structure in your own yard; much the same as the kind of equipment you are likely to find in your local park.

Any kid would love to spend time on his or her very own climbing apparatus and will want to have friends over to show it off so that they can have company working out its various permutations and combinations.

There are also available inflatable climbing structures that can mimic a rock climbing experience.

A trampoline

A trampoline can be endless fun for kids, to say nothing of adults. Like most outdoor activities, it is enjoyable and at the same time offers a great workout as well.

A picnic table

This is someplace that little girls will conduct their imaginary tea parties or where little boys will celebrate the birthday of a dear toy.

A tent

This is easily set up in the backyard and can be a kid’s personal space, a place to have sleepovers and so on.


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