Essential Gardening Tools For Your Home Garden

Whenever you venture into a sop that sells gardening equipment, I know that you would like to buy yourself some good looking lighter equipment, and not even spare a glance at the other sturdier looking ones.

Let me tell you this; you are wrong. Do not be flummoxed and confused with all the great looking gardening tools you see at the shop; if you really want to do some constructive gardening and not simply end up with a shed full of unused gizmos, then take my advice, learn to recognize the features of a useful practical gardening tool so that you acquire only what you need and not what you would like to look at!

Here is a list of gardening essentials, tools that you must have if you really want to hoe that new bed, or if you actually want to plant those bulbs that your neighbor gave you.

  • Pruning shears. This is a tool that any discerning gardener would acquire first, and will use to cut those bushes and shrubs that need trimming. Remember; there is no need to buy the most expensive and the best looking shears in the market; a cheaper one would serve you just as well, but do not try to buy the cheapest one because there is no point having to replace the tool every once in a while, is there?
  • A shovel. This is a gardening tool that you must have. It comes in several sizes and shapes, and you must choose one that will help you dig as well as shovel, although some seasoned gardeners recommend owning a separate spade to be used for digging, and a shovel with a long handle for moving dirt quickly.
  • A lopper. You can use this versatile gardening tool for trimming thicker bushes, and for cutting through stems that are a little thick. It is easy to replace worn blades, and buying a lopper should be just a one time investment.
  • A rake. This is a must for a gardener who has had to rake leaves especially during autumn. A metal rake will be the best bet, because the teeth will not bend when they rake a thicker patch of leaves.
  • A tank sprayer. This is a must have tool for the home gardener, because it can be used for spraying fertilizers, as well as pesticides and insecticides on your precious plants.
  • A garden hose. Of course, your garden cannot be a garden without this most essential of all tools. Determine the size of your garden and then buy the hose. Do not buy too much or too little, because it will either get tangled or be too short. You could buy a rack or a reel to keep your hose in shape.

Buy these tools and see how your garden turns green!


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