Ideas For Your Outdoor Shower

When you are feeling unbearably sweaty and hot, can you think of a more refreshing thing than having a lovely shower, right where you are, in the open, with the cold water running down your body, exhilarating and rejuvenating you? You are right; I am talking about an outdoor shower.

Your outdoor shower can be simple or complicated, elegant to look at or fun to use and you can decorate it like a waterfall, or like an amusing water ride; it is all up to you and how creative you are.

Here are some ideas for your outdoor shower:

  • A couple I know likes to wash off before getting into their house. They have placed their outdoor shower near the staircase at the rear of the house. While the side wall is made of smooth river stone, the backsplash is made of slate. These are materials that can be sourced easily, and the trick is to integrate the design as closely as possible to its surroundings; the more natural your surroundings, the more natural your outdoor shower be, so that it does not stand out like a sore thumb.
  • A couple who owned a vacation home located in the desert chose to use the basic essentials for their outdoor shower. They used a copper canopy for the shower, and the side wall was created out of cast iron. The rest of it was the real outdoors, with colorful cacti providing a gorgeous backdrop for the shower.
  • You could opt for standard indoor plumbing fixtures, with stainless steel as the material of choice. You could use steel for your curtain rod as it is weather proof, and then hang a bright colorful curtain across it for privacy. A colorful piece of cloth or fitting can do wonders for your outdoor shower.
  • Another idea is that you can fix your pipe on to your back wall, and tie it up to your bathroom plumbing on the other side of the wall. Create a lovely ambience with rocks and green outdoor plants, and vibrant wild flowers. You will probably feel like the King or Queen of Mother Nature…!
  • For the backsplash, you could try several innovative materials like pebbles, small rocks, bits of colorful discarded glass, fiber glass bits, or plain tiles.

Remember, no matter what materials you choose, try to make your outdoor shower as close to nature as possible, so that you get the best out of it, and feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your outdoor shower.


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