Design Tips To Turn Your Yard Into A Unique Garden 

If you have a small patch of space in your yard that you want to turn into a unique garden, you will first want to develop an appropriate garden design so that it does not turn into a haphazard piece of art.

One of the first things you want to consider while developing your garden design is the overall feel of the garden, and what you want to place into it.

There are many different definitions of garden design, and you have to decide what yours is before you start to plant items inside it.

Annual Garden Design

For instance, an annual garden design is going to include more shrubs and bushes that are hardy in the winter months and luscious in the summer months.

If you simply want a nice flowering garden, and you have the time every spring to replant it, you might decide that a more flowering garden design is in order.

It is always nice to include cement structures such as a bird bath or waterfall into your garden design because these pieces are a onetime investment and will take up a large area of your garden design that will not need filled or constant maintenance.

Maintenance for your Garden Design

Maintenance is actually one large factor you will have to keep in mind while creating your garden design.  For example, if you have the time to weed constantly, you may want a garden design that is carefully spaced and makes use of manure as a contrast in color between each flower and bush.

However, if you know you will not be able to keep up with the demands of weeding, you might consider adding a ground covering plant into your garden design that will cover the weeds that grow year round.

Grounds covering such as manure or mulch help but will only hold weeds back for a certain amount of time, so a plant that spreads may be your best choice.

Developing a garden design is a time consuming process that should not be taken lightly, because once you start planting the garden, you cannot keep rearranging plants because they will lose their vitality.

Once you pick a theme for your garden design you will want to stick to it, otherwise you will have a garden design that may resemble a mystery dinner, which is likely not your aim while you are trying to accent your yard.


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