5 Methods to Build Your Very Own Garden Gate

One of the nicest additions that a garden could have is a white garden gate. Of course the gate could have just any color that you like.

The most common style is the Z style, but the one you opt for should be determined by the way that the gate will be used and it also depends on the type of the fence.

Garden Gate(photo by Ryan Benyi)

1. Measures

In order to know the size of the gate that you need, you should measure the distance between the two posts. Then measure the height that the gate should have through placing the tape at the top of the post and then stretching it to the ground. This way you will know how many boards you need for the project.

Buy as many boards as you need and since these come in 2-by-4 increments, most probably you will have to cut them to size with the help of a circular saw. To create the frame of the gate you should place the builder’s square at a 45° angle on the boards and then fit them together.

The square should be put at the end of the boards and you should mark the cuts with the help of a pencil. You can cut these angles using the circular saw.

3. Placing

Put the studs on the ground and connect them by placing the 45° sides together. Secure the studs with the help of screws.

The inside corners of the newly created frame should have the brackets. You could have a Z type gate and in this case there is no need for the corner brackets.

4. Gate pickets

In order to know the length of the gate pickets, you should measure the pickets of the fence. Then mark the required length on the pickets and cut them to the desired length with the help of the circular saw. When you are cutting the lumber, you should wear safety glasses so that you won’t get injured. Make sure that the pickets are distributed on the frame evenly. Secure the pickets to the frame with the help of screws.

5. Hinges

These should be installed on the gate with the help of screws. Secure the gate to the post of the fence and ensure that it is leveled. In this process you may require some help. This is the last step of the project and after this the gate is done.


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