Add Aesthetic look To Your Building With Wonderful Roof Garden!

Does your house lack enough space to create garden? No problem, you can go for roof garden.

Creating a roof garden is absolutely beneficial for you.

A wonderful roof garden can give you the feel of a nice landscape that you don’t have in your home and it also helps to raise the value of your home.

In addition, you can also improve the aesthetic quality of your building with a wonderful roof garden.

Adding a green roof to your apartment building or house can decrease the storm water runoff and reduces the risks of fire to your house. You can also decrease heating and cooling costs for your house. In order to start a roof garden, there are few things that you have to consider.

Roof of your house!

This is the first consideration that you should focus while installing a roof garden. Your roof must be reasonably flat and should have some kind of access. It must be capable of supporting loads ranging from normal to heavier.

Wet soil can weigh not less than 80 pounds per square foot. So, if your roof is not capable to support this much weight, you can still have a chance to have a roof garden. But, you have to settle for gardening only in containers.

Climatic conditions!

Climatic conditions play a vital role in installing roof garden. If you are living in urban area, surrounded with many tall buildings, your building can have shade for a good part of the day. If your roof receives maximum sunlight during the day, it can be much hotter and there is chance for your plants to become dry.

So, it is very essential for you to provide some shade to your plants in such hot climatic conditions. Otherwise, it would be better for you to choose drought-tolerant plants for your roof garden.


You should provide good water supply to the plants on your roof daily. This problem can be easily solved by running a garden hose up the side of your building and attaching drip lines to it along with timer system.

Simple design!

Simple roof garden designs are always easy to install and at times they are the best options for you. Raised beds using light weight blocks or other planting stones can help you to get an earthy and simple feel.

When planning your roof garden be sure to consider all these essential things. This can help you to use your space wisely and always be sure to use items that can be removed easily while installing a roof garden.


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