LED Flood Lights Can Light Up Your Closet Too!

led floodlightDid you ever feel that your cabinet is lacking light? Are you thinking of installing lights in the cupboard, but worried about the tiring installation process? Then you have an easy solution in lighting up the cabinets, cupboards or even closets.

After a while you may feel that you lack lighting in your bedroom, bathroom or even kitchen.

When you think of different lighting options, you may find these lighting options costly.

Here is an easy option in lighting up the closets, cupboards, cabinets [Cabinet Lighting] etc.

You do not need to hire a plumber or any electrician in lighting up your surroundings.

These lights are LED flood lights, which do not need any apparatus to setup. These are self-stick LED flood lights and are battery powered lights.

This light has 6-LED light bars, which rotate according to your needs and aims at certain point.

Features of LED flood lights:

  • They can also light up small areas such as counter tops, closets, book shelves etc.
  • The swivel head rotates according to your needs.
  • They are made up of plastic.
  • This works on 3 AAA batteries and the life can last up to 25 hours.
  • Mounting plate can be detached from the LED flood lights.

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