Original Chair Concept For An Original Design By Fox & Freeze

The latest product of one of the best Belgian designer studios is a chair named FF1 Chair. Fox & Freeze are magicians when it comes to contemporary design and future look of any details they are creating.

fox freeze chair

This time their chair is made to be an indoor lounge chair and it applies more sophisticated look due to its unique shape and clear geometrical design. The FF1 chair is also economic, because it is made entirely out of 1 square sheet of synthetic felt.

fox freeze chair1

The unique concept of James Van Vossel and Tom de Vrieze is the ergonomic design of this chair. It follows the body structure and allows perfect relaxation. Despite it looks quite fragile, the chair is extremely strong and stable. The aesthetic vision of these two designers is totally completed by their choice of colors.

They designed the chair in modern neutral palette as its key model is made in grey, in order to fit perfectly any modern home décor.


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