How To Remodel Your Entire Home Without Spending Any Money?

We are talking about rearranging! Rearranging furniture, tables, chairs, bookshelves, bistro tables, paintings, mirrors and vases and completely giving every room in your house a makeover.

home remodelingOkay so it’s not really “remodeling” per say but you will have a completely new look when you are done taking our tips!

Look around your house and mix and match furniture and artwork from room to room. Mix and match colors. Take the mirror hanging in your dining room and put it in your kitchen.

Take the bistro table from your kitchen and put it in your home office. Look around your house and think of all the ways you can give your rooms a completely fresh and new look!

home officeI think it is always easiest to start with the living room or family room. Is your living room stuffed full of furniture? If so, minimize! Take out that humongous chair and leave just the love seat and the rocking chair. Or, take out the coffee table for a season. Mirrors can really make a room look different so instead of buying mirrors you can transfer them from room to room in your house.


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