How To Create A Cool Vase For A Cool House Using Cool Ideas?

Do you want to be designer of your own home? If your answer is yes, then take a look at some cool fashion ideas to make your own vase that will add more personal touch to your home décor.

stencil art on vase

All you need to do is to add a stencil to a simple mirror vase. This cool idea is another way to fit the right accessories to your home style.

Find a proper stencil, prepare simple mirror vase, enamel paint, mineral turpentine, vinegar, an old newspaper, stencil stipple brush and repositionable spray adhesive.

stencil art vaseClean the vase with vinegar and the newspaper, dry it and spray in and out with the repositionable adhesive.

Place the stencil on the vase and use the stencil brush as you paint the enamel over the stencil.

Apply several light coats of paint, but don’t go with heavy coat.

Make sure the enamel is dry, use a hair dryer to finish the process.


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