Lighting Trends for 2011 that Illuminate Your Home

Most people underestimate the lighting décor and always wonder where to start when trying to decorate their homes. In fact, lighting design should be given the foremost importance as it can create an amazing atmosphere.

The practical and decorative elements of modern lighting can be used to suit different functions. They help you in creating a lovely environment and are available in different varieties at affordable prices. In addition, modern lighting elements can be used with interior and exterior decoration of your home and are sure to suit your existing décor.

However, careful positioning of the lamps and chandeliers has to be considered to add a more inviting look to your dream home. Looking for different options available in the market that suit your needs is also essential before you plan to make any changes.

Here are some of the latest lighting designs that promise to enhance the overall appearance of any home.


This chandelier named 2620 LEDs is designed by Rod Gilad for Flos. It brings up a little irreverence to the LED landscape and proves that individual elements could be grouped in interesting ways to create new wonders.

Led Lamps

These LED lamps in O shapes are surely standouts from Foscarini. They come in different sizes which, when clubbed together can form beautiful concentric circles.

Lighting Designs

The stunning array of lighting designs that hint how LED technology may shape the fixtures of years to come are designed by Vibia.

Brisa Outdoor Lights

These Brisa outdoor lights from Vibia add charm to your outdoors while drawing attention to specific decorative elements in your home and garden.

Fold Lights

These Fold lights, also by Vibia, personify different trends and are quite energy efficient with the use of LEDs, a folded-paper motif, and a modular approach. They also enable consumers to use their own imagination and creativity in deciding how to arrange these pieces into a larger whole to suit their requirements.


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