7 Tips to Select the Perfect Coffee Table

A living room without a coffee table sounds and looks like a forest without trees.  Not only do coffee tables complete the look of a living room but also prove very useful as far as serving snacks and coffee is concerned and also is really resourceful and storage-friendly.  But selecting a coffee table can be very tricky for some. So here are 7 super useful tips to get that perfect coffee table:

tips to select the perfect coffee table

  1. Budget-believe it or not but coffee tables can either be highly expensive or can be extremely budget friendly. So first figure out a set budget and then go coffee table hunting.  Having a certain budget range will help you make the choice easily.
  2. Shape-knowing the shape that you want your coffee table to be in is very important before going for the purchase.  The shape can depend upon the shape of your living room or the space available to you.  Curved edges are better is you have kids or pets at home who might get hurt with the pointed ones.
  3. Size-size is another important aspect to consider when you are going for coffee table shopping. Determine the height, the length and the breadth of the table according to the available area, the height of the sitting and other factors.
  4. Functionality-do you want just a coffee table or do you want it to offer storage as well? Well, consider the functions you want your table to fulfil before making your choice.
  5. Material-most people might think of wood while buying a coffee table but there are a gamut of other interesting and useful materials available too. For example, you can go for glass combined with steel or brass or just go with oak or maple for a sophisticated look and feel.  To make the table look modern, you can also choose Lucite.
  6. Style-most people forget to consider the style or feel of the table and get one which is mismatched with their interiors. You must determine whether you want modern, vintage, class, formal or informal before making the ultimate choice.
  7. Color-tables are available in many colors, especially the modern day ones made of materials other than wood. So figure out the  color or shade of the room and depending upon it, choose a suitable color for the coffee table in such a way that it doesn’t look out of place.

Photo Credit By: tbsdiscountfurniture.co.uk


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